Meet the Team

Meet the Summit Men

Phil Pierre, Founder & Organizer

I believe that my purpose is to redirect human and capital resources to communities with youth in need. Through strategic partnerships, education, and special projects I believe this is possible in every community. 

I am an experienced project manager, educator, and non-profit partnerships professional with a passion for serving, teaching, and mentoring youth. I also serve as a board member of Global Trauma Research Inc., a mental health clinic based in Brooklyn. 

The Summit was an idea birthed from a gathering I attended in New York, organized by one of my closest friends, Evan Huggins. The Summit isn't a fraternity, a party or your "run of the mill" social gathering. It's a space for growth minded men to network, do buisness together and make an impact in their community.


Joseph R. Madison, Brand Ambassador

Meet Joseph Madison, a visionary entrepreneur and founder of Black Wealth Report and American Job Journey. Joseph is a dynamic individual who believes in the power of connection and collaboration. He has a unique ability to bring people together and create opportunities for them to succeed.

Joseph's philosophy is simple - make a connection and get out of the way. He believes that by connecting people with the right resources and opportunities, they can achieve their goals and reach their full potential. His entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to community have made him a respected leader and role model for so many men in his industry and community.


Manker Biah, Brand Ambassador

My name is Manker Biah, I am a Licensed Financial Professional who shows individuals how to take total control of their money 💰 through budgeting, paying off debt,  investing & mindset shifts towards wealth & financial freedom. I sell financial foundations DIME methods, taking care of your entire personal financial house, and I specialize in all types of life insurance.